Mousuni Island Hotel Price

Mousuni Island Hotel Price

If you are searching for “Mousuni island hotel price”, you will find some essential advice in this article. Mousuni Island is becoming one of the best weekend destinations for couples, nature lovers and adventurers. Mousuni Island has natural beauty, culture and scenery. Mousuni Island is one of the finest examples of the Virgin Islands growing to this day and is best suited for spending quality time with your family. Mousuni Island is located near Namkhana in West Bengal and close to the coast of the Bay of Bengal; you can visit Mousuni from Kolkata in just a few hours’ drive.

If your goal is to have a pleasant experience and you are looking for comfortable rooms to make the most of your trip, the “Tent House in Mousuni” is a unique solution for you. From the customer reviews, we can happily say that the “Tent House in Mousuni” is perfect for the job. With comfortable rooms and services, especially like WIFI, free parking, charging points in tents, continuous water supply, etc., we are the first choice for customers who have visited us once.

Mousuni Island Hotel Price – The Tent House Mousuni

The Tent House Mousuni  offers you a wide selection of rooms to choose from, Single  Room / Up to 2 people, 2 beds / Up to 4 people, 5 beds / Up to 8 people are lined up for you. We also have a tent service available for reservation. The food in The Tent House is one of the biggest plus points; our chef prepares one of the best dishes that will not only please your palate but also your soul. Out of all the budget hotels in Mousuni, The Tent House is probably the most popular among travelers.

So, if you are planning your trip to Mousuni Island in Namkhana and are looking for a suitable cottage, The Tent House is always here to provide you with the best accommodation option. To view our accommodation options please open the accommodation tab or to book a room/tent please open reservation menu. For more queries on Mousuni Island Hotel Price, please feel free to connect with us and we would be happy to help you with all possible solutions.