Mousuni island tent booking

Mousuni island tent booking

If you are looking for Mousuni island tent booking this post is for you. Mousuni is a hidden gem located near Namkhana, Mousuni may be difficult to reach (one has to avail multiple modes of transit which include rail, roadways and boatways, it takes 6 hours from Kolkata , when you reach, Mousuni will touch your soul with its earthy warmth and simplicity.

Get a tent by the seashore on a full moon night, with a campfire with your loved ones, and enjoy a quality time. It’s cleans for your soul stuck in the mindless rat-race that defines our lives now.

Why Us!

At The Tent House, you get best services foods and camps cheapest price. A whole bunch of exciting and unique activities waits for you in Mousuni. In our plan you get specious and comfortable with services like Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Snacks, Dinner Electronic gadget charging point, Open and shaded dining space and many more in just 900 INR. We make sure you get electric and water supply, and our service team is always ready to assist you in case if there is a inconvenience.

 What to do in Mousuni

Walk around the sea beach to experience the inner peace and get rid of all worries. You can watch the sunset from the camp as our camps are at a distance of 200 meters from sea. You can visit the mangroves area early morning to see the sunrise. Enjoy time beside the campfire with some music.

If you are bird lover or a nature photographer then Mousuni is a piece of paradise for you. Observe them and don’t forget to take some snaps. Mousuni is a perfect place for you. Collecting sea-shells, conchs and keeping them as souvenir is also an option here. Take your own leisure time to explore the tranquility and beauty of mousuni.

How to Book Tents

Mousuni island tent booking is easier than anything, all you need to do is go to our website and click on reservation menu and book accordingly or you simply contact us by mailing us or calling us and we will guide you. In case you already arrived then you can simply walk in to our reception and book tents there. Whatever the process of booking you choose Mousuni will only treat you with mesmerizing beauty.